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Getting Married - We now do Weddings!

Yes its an interesting mix IT and weddings but I have just been certified as a Humanist Association of Ireland Celebrant and a HSE Certified Solemniser. This means I can perform legal marriages in Ireland including the HSE Paperwork on the day.

How did that happen?

Well I have been a member of the HAI for several years and there is a shortage of Celebrants I was asked if I was interested as my background and experience was what they were looking for.

I applied and passed the initial interviews then worked with a panel of Celebrants observing at lots of Weddings around the country which was great and also attending a naming ceremony and a funeral to see the work involved in preparing and delivering the services.

I have to say I was very impressed with the professionalism of my Mentors and working with them only made me more eager to help people with the ceremonies weather it be joining a new couple, welcoming a new member into their community or helping to celebrate the life lived and the fond memories of someone who has passed on.

So head on over to to find out more!

PS - I will still be doing the day job (s)


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